Friday, December 18, 2009

A Dog Day

It's no secret (well, if it was I guess it's not now) that I love dog/puppies in any sort of ensemble you can squeeze them in.
God help the dog that ever comes in to my life. That poor guy is going to have zero chance of getting canine respect at the park/day care/Petco/any other pet friendly establishment.
In an effort to get myself more in the Holiday spirit, I decided to do a Google search for: "dogs in Christmas outfits".
The results can only be described in one word: FABULOUS!
So I decided to share.

Happy Holidays, from my dogless home to yours!

*This one is my favorite because it reminds me of my childhood dog, Reba.

*Yes, I do understand the irony in the name of my dog since the person I find most annoying on the planet is Reba McEntire.


Holly said...

Although I do love your post I can't understand why you hate Reba so much. It makes me sad!

LL said...

its something i cant explain. kinda like you and brooke shields. :)