Monday, November 24, 2008

True Love

WELL, as it turns was meant to be!
I let the leggings go after St Louis and guess what?!
They came back to the form of Kelly Ripa.

The "Legging Conspiracy of TMH" was put to an end yesterday when Ryan informed me that last week Ms. Ripa wore leggings on her show.
And, as we all know, she is not Lindsey Lohan.
In fact, she is a daily fashion icon to women across America.

Here is the video to prove it:

If you haven't guessed by now, I immediately jumped back on the legging train by wearing them at yesterdays TMH Thanksgiving.
Cleverly named yesterday's "turkey leggings".

Don't worry, I made sure to take a picture to add to the LL & Leggings photo album.


Holly Howe said...

Well you know if Pipa does it than you definitely should! That's my motto actually. I fully support it. I'm assuming you meant Dos & not my Ryan or little Ryan cause that would be weird. Although if my Ryan was watching my Pipa without me I might have to marry him all over again. And then we could plan another wedding! WOOHOO!

Stephanie said...

#1 - Unfortunately she does mean Dos, he's responsible!