Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Preparing for 2009

I can not believe that 2008 is fast approaching its end.
I haven't even started on my goals list for 2009 or my recap of 2008.
But I did decide (maybe) on a new blog background for the new year.
Actually, I'm just trying this one on for fun right now. Kinda like wearing a pair of shoes around the store whilst still shopping to see if they mesh well with your everyday life. *
*Retail workers hate that but I think its ok. Try it next time. You'll thank LL.

It's been a while since the last blog.
Everyday I think of a great post but then I get side tracked and busy and forget.
This is a mini re cap of all the ideas in my mind the past two weeks that I was going to blog about.
First, I am obsessed with the idea of Santa bringing me a dog for Christmas. Specifically one that looks like this little guy I found and AAWL. And I want to name him Joaquin (JOE for short).
Stay tuned for more information on this topic. I'm sure if Santa comes thru on this I will turn into one of those crazy "dog moms" with pics and posts of his day to day activities. And I'm also one of those people who think it's hilarious to dress up dogs in outfits...so that might be comical.

Second, Toastmasters is going so great. Last week I won the "Best Speaker" award! I'm zoned in to get this stand up comic thing underway once the public speaking fear relinquishes.*
* yes I used that word correctly.

Third (and maybe the most exciting)....THE CARDINALS MADE THE PLAYOFFS! What an amazing year for Arizona. Steph, Corrine, Jessica and I were at the title clinching game last week. Happy Birthday Stephwana! I told them to win a title for you. You're welcome.

Fourth, my new obsession in the car: Lady GaGa. I can't explain it but the entire cd puts me in a good mood. Feel free to give it a listen. Then follow it up with Britney's new cd, Circus. You'll enjoy that one too.

And lastly, you know how I love Michael Buble?

That is all.
Now I have to get some shopping/holiday projects...wish me luck!


Holly Howe said...

If Santa does not bring you a Joe I may be willing to buy you one if it's from a shelter. I'm going to make some donations to some shelters so why not get a dog out of it?? I'm not allowed to bring one home but if I get to be an auntie than it's just as good! Also, I love Michael Buble...I like to listen to him with Papa Jack. It's our thing. You can partake if you like :) Peace

LL said...

oh my gosh thats the best idea ive ever heard! auntie holly would be the best auntie ever. and joe and his cousin cooper would have so much fun together. :)

Stephanie said...

I'm also excited for Joe. Mostly bcs I thought of calling him Joe based on my inability to pronounce Joquin correctly.

LL said...

and the inablity to spell it: its JOAQUIN