Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Bred Your American Idol?

At TMH, we often come up with funny games (shenanigans) to keep ourselves entertained, amused, in love with ourselves, etc.
Often, these games involve reality tv shows.
Season 8 of American Idol has become the latest addiction/game.

Perhaps I should preface by informing you that a) we are trendsetters and 2) Hollywood steals our thoughts & ideas for their own profit.

The widely popular A.I. game is "Which same sex parents bred that singer?".

You may be surprised to realize as you start to play, the names you can throw out of a hat when it comes to the "who looks like who" lottery.

The reason I am telling you this, and the reason I prefaced with the theivery, is this:
I would like to go on record with my SSP's (same sex parents) before Simon Cowell continues to plagarize and take credit for my good wit and love of pop culture.

Here are TMH's favorite Idol contestants and their SSP's.
Take a moment to soak it all in.

I know right?
I win this game every time!

Up first: Kris Allen (aka Freddie Lachey Jr.)
SSP's: Freddie Prinze Jr and Nick Lachey
*This one is just too obvious

Next: Adam Lambert (every HS girl's Twilight fantasy)
SSP's: Dr Christian Troy of NIP/TUCK and Criss Angel Mindfreak

Third: The Oil Drilling Roughneck Michael Sarver
SSP's: Tony Romo and King of Queens Kevin James

Then we have Stephanie's favorite: Megan Joy

Obvious SSP's: Resse Witherspoon and former Idol Carrie Underwood

And speaking of former Idol lookalikes: Allison Iraheta

SSP's: America Ferrera and Kelly Clarkson

Then there's the sexy crooner: Matt Giruad

SSP's: (hold on to your panties ladies) Justin JT Timberlake and Michael Buble

And lastly, my favorite: Danny Gokey

SSP's: None. Only sunshine and rainbows. I think he is a gift from heaven. (Thank you Charlie!)

* I know I made the game. That doesn't mean I can't be the winner.


Stephanie said...

HOT DAMN. We could not be more RIGHT. . . we could try, but we would not be successful!

Now, how do we get people to pay us for this?!

Holly said...

O.M.G.!!! I HEART THIS GAME! Although I feel I'd like Matt Giruad more if he really did come from JT & Buble. I'm just sayin. Danny Gokey did come from heaven via Charlie. Totally.

alison said...

I love this game! I don't want AI but maybe I'll start, just so I can play!

alison said...

watch, I don't WATCH American Idol is what I meant to type. Guess I don't WANT it either? My fingers are so bossy sometimes.

Karen said...

This is the best game!! You girls kick ass! Also, thank heaven for Danny!

Karen said...

uh oh...look at what i found today. someone is copying you on SSP

heather said...

LOVE it.