Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking of Country

Remember how I've always talked about wanting to be in my own country band?*
And remember that time I told you I was going to take some guitar lessons?*
Oh and remember how we always talk about having group sing alongs around the camp fires?*

Well, get a listen to this:
my (with Steph, Kelly and Em) newest all girl country band

Mostly its just 4 girls who have yet to learn how to play an actual instrument but are obsessed with the idea of singing The Wreckers and Sugarland cover songs.

Here is a sneak peek of our first photo shoot and an inro to "the band".
Yes it's jsut individual shots of each of us on Emily's brown chair.
All holding the same guitar.
Start up companies are usually on a budget anyway.
And so are we (minus the chocolate martini that Kelly's sporting, you just can skip corners on fancy).
Here's Steph. The Tall One. She has long arms to strum the guitar like an Angel.
She enjoys wearing gold jewlery, torn jeans and flawless make up.

And Emily. The Wanderer. She can easily get lost in a song, or large groups of people.
She enjoys day drinking, mexican food and a good bottle of wine.

Kelly. The Half Sized Beauty. She's low to the ground, and she's grounded.
She enjoys Chocolate Martinis, planning VA escape missions and trips to AZ.

And LL. The Serious Artist. I can take a serious photo at anytime.
I enjoy Where's Waldo games, bronzer and not smiling.

You can look for us to come to a bar near you. Unless your bar is far away. Then, forget it.

We are currently holding auditions for anyone over the age of 2.5 that can play th spoons. Otherwise, we have to give the position to Kara and I'm a little vague on the child labor rules.

*I started talking about it maybe 2 weeks ago at Country Thunder. There was no way for you to know, don't feel bad.

* I only talk about taking guitar lessons. I don't see myself ever actually taking them. Unless they are free, come with beer and are taught by someone that looks like Jack Johnson.

* I don't camp. I don't know who I think I'm kidding. By camp fire I think I just mean someone's outdoor fireplace in a fancy backyard in the East Valley.

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