Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Avoiding the Birthday Blues

26 years, 360 days and counting.

I’m totally trying to win the fight with 27.
The birthday that numerically pushes me into my “LATE TWENTIES”.

Ugh. Stupid Father Time.

Here is a breakdown on the recent rouds of action.*

27, look out! I’m gonna kick your ass.

Round 1:
: Bought a new car.
27: Lowered my insurance rates.
(winner: LL)

Round 2:
LL: New hairstyle. I love it!
27: told by a co worker I look “older and edgy”.
(winner: 27?)

Round 3:
LL: Trying to work on a healty lifestyle.
27: Chipped a back tooth
(winner: 27)

Round 4:
: Won “Best Speaker” award at Toastmasters
27: I’m in Toastmasters. And it was a speech about my mom.
(winner: 27)

So allegedly, 27 in winning.
Any ideas on a comeback in 5 days are welcomed.

*I said that in my best Mike Goldberg announcer voice. I think he would be impressed.

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Amanda Stark said...

Yea for 27! Im liking this age so far :)