Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The NYC Surprise

So remember the last time I posted, I had promised pics of the KICK ASS bday gift from NE?
(If you don’t recall, just see the post below this one. You’ll be up to date after that.)

Well here’s a little background on the gift:
You should first know that I am a blog stalker.
Not yours of course, so you can relax.
And not in a creepy hide in the bushes with a stocking cap, soap on a rope and pair of tweezers kind of way either, so don’t call the cops.
But I enjoy humor and wit and when I find blogs that make me laugh, I read them.
And then without their permission...I start following them. (I think that’s the stalker part)

Anywho, my current fave is Alison Rosen.
I always envision her and I being friends in another life.
The type of friends that have so much fun together just laughing at each other (and ourselves).
We would spend Saturdays complimenting the other on their great one liners & sharp use of the English language. Making puns about clever things and what have yous.
Ok you can see that this is turning creepy.
And I don't want you to think of me as a creep so I will stop.
Back to the birthday story…

NE was in NYC last week celebrating a birthday that was not mine with a person that was not me.*
And while she was there, she discovered a little lady named Alison was performing stand up.
So she went to the said comedy show and met Alison. (who's the stalker now, huh?)
Normally, I would be upset/jealous with NE for busting in and trying to steal quality hang out time with my “next life BFF” but she redeemed herself by getting this:

YES. That is Alison with a BDAY WISH for LL!

And this is me doing a re-enactment of opening the surprise.
Because the original was awful and clearly I don’t want to post pics of me looking disgusting on a blog my future BFF might see.

Doesn't my thumb kinda look like a midget thumb?
And I just made a mental note to declutter the refrigerator door.

I also got an “I HEART NY” t-shirt in the right size because when I asked my mother to complete that mission for me last year I ended up with a man’s size Large.
Thanks mom!

*I guess this is where I should mention Happy Birthday to Ryan! Yay for being a Taurus. Boo for taking my roomie to the Big Apple without me.


NE said...

That's right folks, I enjoy both kicking ass (in the form of gifts) and taking names (in the form of . . .uh, names)

#1 - You are welcome.
#2 - I'm glad you liked it!
#3 - Why would your mom buy you a large?
#4 - That is all.

Ryan G said...

woot woot! thanks for the shout-out, though, officially I'm a Gemini, like Andre 3000.

LL said...

you know, i never claimed to be a professional astrologer. take it or leave it buddy. :)

alison said...

Happy Bday! Glad you enjoyed it!

Ryan G said...

way to become famous via a blog with an astrological error. marred for life!

Amanda Stark said...

Like the new hair! Looking good!