Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

With moving day fast approaching, you can imagine my stress level is off the charts (chain).
Between drinking bottles of wine, chain smoking, yelling at friends and essentially "eye ripping your face off" glares at strangers who ordered the last scone at the Seattle Espresso...
I'd say I am handling this all pretty well.

You know what makes it easier?
Knowing that I get to move live with my favorite roommate, Stephanie, again.
I may be losing a Creativity Room (its a fancy word for scrapbooking, bow tying, present wrapping and centerpiece storage room), but I get to keep mornings like this* for a long time to come.

*Stephanie blogged about this morning's happenings on her blog, and since I obviously don't have time to recap: READ HER VERSION HERE.

Here's to another lease of our life together!
Maybe once a week you just come upstairs and we can recreate mornings when we would share a bathroom?
It seems to be where our best conversations happen.
If it helps, I'll continue to play my John Mayer DVD over and over again for ambiance.

1 comment:

NE said...

I hope people don't get worried about our levels of sanity!

Also, if you get that Michael Buble DVD you've got yourself a deal!