Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And What Not..

So moving totally blows but we are pretty much done.
Side Note: I no longer live at TMH. The new call letters are CND. (it's the condo with the parrot outside, so we are easy to find)

A couple other things I thought you should know today:
1) "Sugar Wrecked" signed a new member. It's really just for her looks but, I think she makes a great addition:

B) LL's favorite holiday is this weekend! I've got exciting things planned in celebration of my "2nd birthday that I happen to share with the USA". BARS and I are headed North(ish) to Springerville. Contain your jealousy. We are all set for the rodeo and dance. I'm not sure how well the folks in Springerville will react when I rock the Red/White/Blue Rhinestone Celebration Tiara but I think it will be big hit!


KV said...

YOU HAVE A PARROT OUTSIDE?! Please tell me this as exciting as I think it is.

LL said...

"Turkey" is from Mexico. So there is a bit of a language barrier. But he is exciting none the less.

Oh, and perhaps I should mention that he's not real.

NE said...

Yup, you read correctly our faux-parrot's name is Turkey. He's a male but has been known to wear tiaras. He’s currently single, so if any lady parrot’s out there are in the market . . .

Holly said...

I don't like birds but tiaras I love! Can't wait to hear stories (see pics) from the Rodeo & Dance!