Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For You

Apparently my lack of blogging (and that of other ladies that shall remain unmentioned) has not gone unnoticed.

I can explain!

It’s like when you buy a new pair of super cute peep toe heels and you are convinced they are the BEST thing in all of the land and because of this you wear them everyday.
So much so that you buy more outfits to match those shoes so you can wear them even more.
Every time you wear them, you get compliments and you smile and nod in agreement because you know how amazing they are…duh.
But then one day, you notice a girl in a dress you own (the one you bought because they went perfect with the peep toe) sporting a completely different type of shoe than yours AND her combo looks sooo much better.
So then you decide you (and your shoes) are not as awesome as you had originally thought.
And that breaks your heart a little and now you are too bitter to wear them for a while.

Well, that’s how I felt about the blogging.
Blog stalking only led me to be self conscious about my blogging and wit abilities.
I’ll get back to full force sometime soon, but in the meantime: how about some randomness?

Tonight NE and I are going to see this!
My favorite movie in live action real life and musical form.
This is going to be so much better than that time I was ten and saw Beauty & the Beast on Ice!

Here’s a little something I have been completely obsessed with lately:
Even though I have the “dog talk” yearly and eventually am talked out of making the decision to be a mother, the puppy fever is back folks.
This time with a little guy called a “Snorkie”.
Don’t tell me that’s not the cutest face you have ever seen?!

Random sightings:
Besides Jay Z, doesn’t it seem like John Mayer has been everywhere lately?!
I mean, I know he’s always on my tv but besides that.
He’s been on at least a handful of shows on my tivo and filling up my twitter like mad man.
I am in no way complaining!
And since someone didn’t believe me when I said he dated Jessica Simpson, I found this to prove it (plus her hair is super cute in this):

And the last random thing for today is dedicated to Stephwana.
For some reason, she has a strong hate towards Tom Brady that she has yet to fully explain to me.
I can’t understand it actually.
Maybe it has something to do with cockiness to the point of having your own logo but who knows.
Anywho on a weekly Google of Matt, I came across this pic and I think that if the boys can get along, you need to also!

And a side thought: if Matt Leinart has enough time and the commitment to have a dog, my mom's case has got nothing! I can totally have one too.


Anonymous said...

Im gonna have to sit Matty down tonight and have a talk about his new BFFL, Tom Brady... um we dont associate and/or date Patriots..Gross. I stand by my decision. And I think you should get a Snorkie...today.

Karina Vee said...

Thank you for updating. Shenanigans have been called off.

heather said...

Snorkie is adorable. I want one. I really do.

And whatever -I heart your wit & probably the girl with the better shoe dress combo is thinking the same thing about your amazing peep toe heels. :)