Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pre Season

Well, it's here!
The 2009 football season officially started for me last week...our first home game of the season!
I won't brag about the seats much, but I will say that if you are a Packers fan (like Steph & Scott) you may have been jealous.
Making sure last season wasn't just a fluke, we started this season's festivities almost right where we left off.
Well, not exactly where we left off.
It was 115 degrees outside and a parking lot drinkfest didn't seem like the smartest idea.
So instead, we did this:

And somehow LL was talked into doing this:

That's what the smooth talking charm of an Australian Brad Pitt will get you.

Ironically when I came back to the office from lunch today I had a note from Kurt waiting for me.
I'm sad I missed him, and it appears as though he misses me too. How sweet!

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