Friday, September 26, 2008

Time Flies...

I KNOW! Over a month since my last post… Shame on LL!
Things have been pretty crazy at TMH and life in general and I am just trying to push through it.
Here’s an update since last posting (get your cocktails ready, this might take a while!)

First: The Olympics came to an end.
It was weird the first couple days and I was unsure about what to do with the television but then, life went on without them.

Sadly, Matt (Leinart) (My husband) lost his job this season. 2nd string QB is still a QB but we have hopes he will start next year. I am a fan of Kurt Warner though so it’s not a horrible position to be in. The season has been pretty good so far. 2-1. Megan, BARS and I attended the game last week vs. the Miami Dolphins. Although our seats were ON THE ROOF and we were all three suffering from the night before, we still had a fun time and can’t wait to go to another game!

Third: Miss Madison Jeanne Blood turned 1 year old!
We had her Princess themed birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (the place our family holds every birthday matter your age). I was in charge of the cake and I think if you ask the birthday girl, it was a BIG HIT!

Fourth: The DBJ girls celebrated another MSC.
We went to brunch at Crackers & Co where we donned our tiaras, heels and all the jewelry we could find. I LOVE that after all the years we can still all get together to celebrate each other and our friendships!

Fifth: TMH has officially been housebroken.
After nearly 4 months of dwelling at our lovely home, we FINALLY had our housewarming party. Of course there was a theme! Everyone wore hats. Our heads were bigger than our heads that night (yeah that’s what I meant to say). The 3 of us planned out numerous hat changes for the night with the thought that it would be a chance to pull out all the great stuff from the accessories closet. I think by the time we changed into our second, we all forgot. Regardless, everyone had fun and the next day was an awful mess to clean up. Let it be said…the TMH girls can throw a party!
(sadly, or funny, I only came up with these photos of us)

Even after all of that, there are still lots of things to look forward to in the month ahead. Kara Bear turns 2. The City of Hope Walk for Hope in honor of my beautiful Aunt Kathleen who is a 10 year survivor. The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure with the “I am the Cure” committee.

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