Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Canada!


It’s common knowledge around town that the TMH girls (and the obvious DBJ girls) are fans of the Canadian boys. *

* We enjoy Canadian boys.

And with less than one week of the 2008 Olympics left, last night we were introduced to yet another reason to love the maple leaf males:
Silver Medalist Diver Alexandre Despatie!

Now that's a man, aye?

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Holly Howe said...

Canada has a lot of gems let me tell ya! I may be biased but I have yet to meet a Canadian man I don't like. Although a little argument begun last night between me & everyone's favorite Canadian (Ry) while watching the Olympics. He switches between being a Canadian & an American depending on who's winning! The words "shhh they're playing the national anthem" actually came out of his mouth last night after OUR girls won gold & silver in gymnastics. What the???