Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap


Friday night’s opening ceremonies did not disappoint!
Tito and I fully enjoyed the march of the nations, the lighting of the Olympic torch and the fireworks spectacular.

I won the cartwheel competition (i only have 2 legs so its easier) and Tito won the relay.
And by he won, I clearly mean I let him win because I was too tired after all the cartwheels.

Saturday night was FIGHT NIGHT!
TMH was pleased to host the ppv fight on Saturday.
Although the turn out wasn’t what we had envisioned, I think it was perfect.

Pre fight festivities included a made up drinking game of WAR. (This tapped out at 2 minutes in the first round due to boredom and the fact that it’s not a real drinking game)*
*pun was intended.

Megan was a first timer at the UFC but by beginning of the Roger Huerta fight she was cheering just as loud as the rest of us. (I think her cheers may have just been over the short shorts but those were something to get excited over!)

Sadly, El Matador lost the fight. A XX was consumed in his honor.

The GSP fight on the other hand DID NOT disappoint.
George is an amazing fighter and I can not understand ½ of the words that come out of his mouth. God Bless Him!

An interesting tidbit on GSP: He is on the cover of Men's Health this month.*
Check it out at your local Walgreen's as I did. It's worth the read.
*I can't be certain the magazine is actually Men's Health. I couldn't read the name over the muscles.

Sunday Funday was spent at Trader Joe’s, Ulta, Barnes & Noble and Smoothie King.
We also played the popular TMH game “How do you say….?” *
*”How do you say…?” is a game to play when bored. All you do is ask someone how they say certain words.
Example: How do you say….tomato?
Person A: tomato (pronounced tomato)
Person B (and clearly the loser): tomato (pronounced toe-mah-toe)

Joaquin Sunday had to be cancelled.
Tentatively rescheduled for next Sunday. And all other Sundays until I get bored with it.

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