Monday, August 10, 2009


Flag was so much fun this weekend!
A shit show as promised, but still fun.
Thanks JenBabe for sitting in the dirt with me, listening to me complain about ant bites, agreeing with me when I think people are annoying for no real reason, letting me pick the lunch spot, taking me out on the down, getting me drunk, reminding me of altitude/bad decision factor and for letting me sleep over!

Here are a couple pics from the trip:

(I know, my photo shop/arrow drawing skills are amazing!)


JNBABE said...

I had sooo much fun!! I think the whole altitude thing is a crock of shit though. Mostly bcs when I go down there, it takes me longer to get "CRUNK". Also, did you bitches notice I now have a google acct?

Disclaimer: I only signed up to comment...there will be no blogging for me, OR how bout when NE gets on Facebook, I might consider blogging...oh yeah I just upped the anti :)

Holly said...

Looks like good times!
And yay for Jen Babe getting a google account!

NE said...

I am NOT getting facebook. Stop trying to peer pressure me!