Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bad Hair Day?

So remember that day (today) when I was thinking about what I would look like with a totally different hairstyle?
And remember that day (today) when I decided to go on instyle.com and do a hair makeover?
And remember how I laughed so hard that it might be rude of me not to share the results with you?
So, here you go.

Ok first... ever imagine what I would look like with Reese Witherspoon hair?
Up next, this is what I would look like if Disney cast me to star in HSM4 like Vanessa Hudgens:
I am still contemplating my Halloween costume but if the Sarah Palin thing is still a funny idea, I wold totally work the updo.
Oh! Here's what I would look like if I rocked it out with Jay Z and Kanye with my Rhianna mohawk:

If I were into kissing girls like Katy Perry, it would look a little like Betty Boop.

And lastly (and the funniest) is the uncanny resemblance I have to Kate Gosselin. Ick.

So, who thinks I should make an appointment at the salon?!


Anonymous said...

thank you for just making me throw up 6 times, you owe me lunch x6.lol. love steph

NE said...

You shouldn't be allowed on that website!

LL said...

youre lucky i didnt post me as debra messing. or beyonce.

Holly said...

Post Beyonce! post beyonce!

thegreatestshowonearth said...

I love how you dropped the Blueprint 3 line on us. "Kissing girls like..."