Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glamour October 2009

Recently, I've been totally obsessed with fashion magazines.
I think it's because whenever I've had a really bad day lately, it happens to be that when I check my mailbox there will be one of the many that get delivered to the house... just sitting there waiting for me.
Smiling at me and taunting me at the same time.
Oh the joy on the days that 2 will get delivered on THE SAME DAY!
I bet you're saying "yeah great. but what does this have to do with me?".
(Yes, I imagine you speak without using upper case letters)
Well, the magazines inspired me to do themed blog posts.
I imagine that once a month (more if I feel like it) I will pick one of the magazines and post some of my favorite things from it.
Do with it what you will.
I just thought I would give you some insight as to what I'm drawn to in magazines!
And, its another chance for me to showcase my sweet photoshop skills.

So to start:
GLAMOUR Magazine, October 2009
It's no secret that LL LOVES LEGGINGS!
Guess what?!
It's right there, in large print, for NE and everyone else to read and weep!
I love the leopard print with the embellished dress even though I could never pull it off.
And, the Gossip Girl in the sparkley leggings with the plain white tee?
Sorry guys, the leggings will be back for LL this fall.

The past few weeks I am certain I have been dreaming of ankle boots.
Like way more than a regular gal should dream about ankle boots.
In fact, today I got a new order from (that's right. a Kim K plug) for a pair of black suede ankle boots that should arrive sometime next week.
But, imagine them in purple with an outfit involving a cardi and look what you get:

I just fainted thinking about myself wearing that outfit!

This was on the back page of the mag and I think its cute because it reminds me of all my great girlfriends!

And lastly,
Stephwana and I recently spent an entire afternoon, that rolled into an evening, which then rolled into drinks and boys, playing a little game called "Would You Rather...?"
Essentially, it's a game where you take two random people and decided who you would rather sleep with.
Like this: WOULD YOU RATHER have sex with Mike Tyson or Shaq.
(You don't have to tell me your answer. I'll leave that up to the imagination)
Well, once the booze and boys were added the game turned into "Do One. Date One. Marry One."
I know I'm quite the trendsetter.
And apparently Stephwana is too.
Because look at this article that was also in the GLAMOUR:
And YES, that does say to MARRY Jay Z. :)

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Holly said...

I still want those leggings that you got Kara!