Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lets Hear it for the Boobs

Sunday afternoon my beautiful, large and growing more every year family celebrated the 11th year of my lovely Auntie Kathleen's ass kicking on breast cancer by participating in the City of Hope Walk for Hope.
This has become an annual tradition and it amazes me every year how many people come out and show support!
It's in an absolutely great feeling to see so many people coming together for one fantastic cause!
Here is a pic of the entire group this year:

Now for the drama on the 5k walk.
It started with 5 friends on a mission.
A mission to kick the crap out of the asphalt and the cancer.

Here we are reveling in our glory and smiling about how impressed we are with each other for getting out of bed so early and having the extra 10 minutes to stop at starbucks and even have taken the time to put on makeup and brush our teeth/hair.
I know, we are that cool!

As the walk progressed, the competitive nature in all of us came out.
This was no longer a leisurely stroll through half a parking lot and half a zoo: this was a full on race!
Raymond already told us he was so fast he wasn't allowed to enter the actual race.
And, since my ankles were free and clear of any extra fabric that would normally slow me down, I was convinced I was equally as fast.
Stephanie was amped up on her iced venti latte,
NE with the extra 15 minutes of sleep she got since she was not driving that morning,
and Kelly insistant that her angles and good lighting will do magic in anything she does.
So, the race was on!


Next year, I'm totally gonna win!


Anonymous said...

can you make a correction: it was an iced venti NON-FAT!!! latte...

Holly said...

What a good looking group! Also is NE pushing you???

NE said...

I was trying to wipe the sweat of my brow. All that "running" really takes it out of you.

Anonymous said...

it's tru people..angles and good lighting are all a girl needs..