Thursday, July 9, 2009

4 7 4

Today I just want to post a special little note two 2 gals that really brighten up my life.
(maybe this will brighten them up a little too)

Between emailing gossip to each other all day
and planning amazing parties
and taking scrapbooking classes we laugh through...
AWU is a great trio!

Thanks ladies for being so kick ass!
Here's some memories of our awesomeness:

Here's a pic of before LL knew what a tanning bed was and we were all obsessed with "jazz hands" and Marcos took those professional photos of us that I still don't possess so you get this version instead.

Thisis the night we got a sweet deal on margaritas at the Pink Taco and then proceeded to get sloppy drunk and dance the night away at Devil's. Oh and then HH and LL took a cab to TMH and drank Bud Light on the living room floor and took pictures with umbrellas.

I enjoy this picture of the night before HH married the Canadian. It's like we are so cool all wearing our sunglasses and sun dresses. It's an understated look.

And last but not least, the day of the first AWU baby shower. What a day!! We learned a few things that day: like 2 cakes are always better than one. Hula hoops are always handy to have around in the case of a tie. Dogpoint is the wine of choice for classy ladies such as ourselves. And, 4 7 4 is a good combo of numbers when it comes to sitting at a bar with 2 of your BFF's.


Holly said...

I love you too LL! All such great memories! Can't wait for the many more kick ass memories through out the years with you two!

NE said...

Aw, love it!

We need to get a bottle of Dogpoint and figure out how to make those free patrick shots!

JNBABE said...

Don't forget the lone fox from up north!! I really think I should be included but whatev. Its fine. I miss you gals all the f-ing time!! Love you :)