Friday, July 24, 2009

...actually it's a cardigan but thanks for asking.

It’s no secret that I LOVE cardigans.
I’m the 27 year old grandma that wears them with every outfit.
No joke, my closet might be confused for a Nana's closet.

Well, maybe.
If it weren't for all of the super short dresses and stilletos to balance it out.

And because of this addiction to arm coverage, I often find myself searching stores for very specific styles of cardigans to wear with certain outfits.

Here is an example:
Last week I bought a brown and white safari print dress imagining in my head how freaking cute it would be with an orange short sleeve cardigan, gold jewelry and the gold Steve Madden flats that I still have yet to retire.
I looked at about 3 stores in the mall for an orange cardigan thinking it wouldn’t be that difficult to find.
Do you think I found it?
Then I shifted my idea to perhaps a purple or a yellow.
Do you think I found either of those?

I live in AZ and apparently there are only 2 months a year when stores here sell cardigans.
Granted, I stock pile during those 2 months, but outfits arise in the meantime and can’t go neglected!

Then it hit me!
I am certainly not the only fashion savvy gal who enjoys the button up greatness and pop of color a cardigan can bring to your ensemble, am I?

So, what if there were a store that sold…wait for it…ONLY CARDIGANS!
All kinds: solids, prints, full sleeve, short sleeve, fitted, oversized, embellished and any other kind you could imagine.
The thought of it alone makes me so excited that I think I might actually have a heart attack.
Which reminds me, I already thought of the perfect name:

Clever, right?
Can’t you just imagine the awesomeness that would radiate from all who shopped at this store?!
I imagine having such items as these hot little numbers:

I am so excited about this idea that I squeal typed this whole post. I'm sorry if your reading ears are ringing.

I'm off to win the lottery now. Wish me luck!


Lindsay said...

as a fellow "cardi-ologist" (so clever, yes?) i think your idea is amazing. way to go.

heather said...

I hope you win that lottery and can start up that online store 'cause I happen to like Cardis too.