Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before & After

"Before & After" is a special little section on a blog I frequent daily.
This frequency led me to a little project/obsesssion of my own.
Kind of like a "anything you can do, I can do better" situation.

the subjects in this project were as follows:
a) a table my parents purchased for me from a lady in QC fr $40. It used to be my scrapbooking table in the Creativity Room, a non-existent space now and a table full of possibilities.

2) a set of 4 chairs I purchased from Craigslist that were disgusting and dirty but only cost me $40 for the entire set. I love how vintage they look AND they still had the original upholstery sticker on the bottom of them from 11/1979!

most importantly) a plan, a Saturday afternoon, a margarita at Z Tejas, a trip to the Home Depot and Rich.

Followed by) fabric from Joann's, a bottle of wine, a staple gun, Stephanie and Rich.

The results after the all the hard work and the move:

It's ok to be jealous. And, to give me ideas on what to do with that blank tan canvas of a wall. We have 3 white frames to hang but it's still missing something....

OH! And, a little something extra:

With the extra fabric and a box of black frames I found, I copied an idea from some very fabulous "British Sugars" and did this upstairs:

I'm loving the new condo and the projects so much!


Nikki said...

Looks great!! I love the color of the table.

Holly said...

You are so freakin cute! First you said a & then you said 2...LOL The table turned out fab! As if there would be any doubt. Now that you're a chair fabric changer expert maybe you could help me do a bench? I love the frames too! Cute cute cute!

Amanda Stark said...

It looks great!! Nice job.