Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Bear!

Last weekend we celebrated Kara (Bear's) 2nd birthday.
Seriously, time does fly by and I can't keep up.
Because Steph and I like to impose our ideas, opinions and hobbies on everyone we know...we've decided to get a head start on Kara.
Her birthday party was a football theme. YES, football!
Before you go making any judgements, it was super cute and girly at the same time.
Lots of pink, lots of ribbon, lots of pink ribbon and football. I made a sparkley football cake, pink football cupcakes and a birthday banner complete with rhinestones, flowers and bows!
And as a birthday present to Kara, her Uncle Matt (Leinart) (my husband) made sure the Cards won! He really is such a nice guy!
I can't wait to start planning number three! (I think HH will be ready to put her wedding dress on again and play Wedding Barbie)
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party...

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Holly Howe said...

I love everything above! Especially the pug with the bow! Are ya kiddin' me! Heck ya I'm ready to be Wedding Barbie! I'll have my dress cleaned just for the occasion!