Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have a new celebrity crush!
Sean William Scott (aka Stiffler)
Before you question my hottie picking skills and my new obsession for this cutie, please review exhibits A, B & C* (or one, two and three for those of you that are better with numbers)


He looks good holding a football!

If you know anything about me and my love of football & quarterbacks, you understand how this makes me feel.


Bald head: check
Tattoos: check
Tight t-shirt: check
Sexy jeans: check
you see where I'm going with this right?

The boy can rock a sweater vest! (and that's pretty much been obsolete since Chandler Bing)
You can see now how this obsession came about. Well, those reasons and the fact that he was on my favorite morning news, Good Morning Arizona. * (yes that's a plug. I want Brad Perry's job.)
Feel free to jump on the Stiffler bandwagon if you want. It's a good wagon to be on, I'm just saying.

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Holly Howe said...

I heart him too! He was 98 KUPD this damn! I was drooling & I couldn't even see him! He's got mad skillz ;)