Friday, October 31, 2008

NE's Guest Blog - One

SCENE: Your living room (or other environment for which you partake in TV viewing)

. . . AND ACTION! You are watching one of your favorite TV shows (HIMYM) and it's like any other Monday. You're minding your own business stoked to see what hilarity will ensue, then all of a sudden . . . BAM! No, a bus didn't just go through the afore mentioned living room wall, instead CBS decided to kick this bitch up a notch (thank you sweeps). You can’t believe your eyes, right there on your very own television screen is one of the best things about shows . . . a GUEST STAR (Brit-Brit)! You're overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm, just when you thought it couldn't get better, a curve ball is thrown in and a whole new level of enjoyment is had!

Enjoyment Causing Curve Ball:
Prepare yourself folks because that is exactly what's about to happen here today . . . I (Anie, not Britney) am proud and honored to be featured as a GUEST STAR on one of your favorite blogs (LL's, not Barney's). The reason behind this stroke of luck you've just encountered is two fold of course . . .

1. My new obsession is all things blog. I heart reading them and really can't get enough. To quote a wise women "I have no idea how I functioned without the use of blogs for so long."
2. I don't have a blog of my own and that means I'm jealous and want to get in on this.

I know what you're thinking. Duh, just start your own blog like the rest of the free world. Whilst we all know I will most likely cave in the near future to sign up for one, thus far I've held strong. Why, you ask? I'd like to think I have a high standard for things to be deemed funny, clever, or witty and undoubtedly my blog would require all these items on a regular basis. Hence, I am nervous I'd fold under this self-induced pressure if I had a blog all my own.

More importantly, this guest star concept might be genius! The way I see it this stint on LL's blog will lead to other guest starring roles (cough, cough Lex, Karina, Ryan cough, cough). I could start a new trend of the elusive blogger who only guest stars and everyone will search for me on the blogs of all my favorite people. That means YOU as a blogger benefit from even more hits than you received before because DUH I come with a fan base built in!

Ok, so that last part might be made up. This so called "fan base" is basically comprised of the same people for who's blogs I'd be featured on, but let's skip the technicalities of it all, shall we?

Soon bloggers all over the world will want me to write for them. CNN will issue a scrolling news bar with the headline “ribbon-loving mystery blogger strikes again.” (“CNN” is clearly code word for “Vh1”). I could become famous and more importantly turn a profit! Again, let’s skip the technicalities of how this would provide me with income. I’m sure logistically and monetarily it will all work out just as I imagine.

So now on to the good stuff (As it turns out I can't just blog about blogs) . . .

I’ve decided there are many things in life that are HIGHLY enjoyable and HIGHLY underrated. This makes for a recipe riddled with high opportunity cost (yup, I paid attention in my college economics class). As such, I’m making a list (because that’s what brings me joy) of just a few of these items so that you can get on board with the following (in no particular order):

Lunchables: Yes, that’s right those pre-packaged non-sustainable meal options that all the cool kids packed on field trip day. (Damn you Mom for not buying them!) I’m not talking about the new fangled fancy “make your own cold pizza” bullshit kids have now. I’m referring to the classic turkey, cheddar, and cracker combo. These are on the list because they are inexpensive, delicious, and packed with sodium goodness. Plus they’re sold in the gift shop on the 2nd floor of my building, and I’m normally in a hurry. For this convenience Kraft, I thank you. (Related Honorable Mention: Capri Sun)



Always Sunny in Philadelphia: In truth, this topic requires a post all it’s own. (See how you just now got baited into looking forward to my next guest-starring role? I have a fail proof plan on my hands!) If you have yet to partake in this awesome hilarity brought to us by FX I insist you move it to the top of your priority list immediately! Who needs to worry about an economic recession and job security when you can laugh your ass off at random shenanigans every Thursday night?

Downtown / Midtown PHX: I’m an East Valley type ‘o gal. Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale – that’s my hood. One-way streets, the “nues” (ave that is), and my general lack of direction stopped me from going anywhere near the I-10, 51, or 17 for many years. That has since changed (well not the “nues” part I try to avoid crossing 19th ave after dark or anytime I’m alone). BUT - I’ve gotta tell you if you haven’t been in the area lately, you’re missing out! First Fridays, fun antique shops, historic Willo district, Zoes (LOVE), the Symphony, sugars galore, and an actual urban city are just some of the things hidden down here. WHO KNEW? Next time you’re on the freeway on your way out of town, perhaps stop for lunch (Zoes is on McDowell just east of 7th ave). PS – the tallest building on the left pays me to go there 5 days a week.

Velma from Scooby Doo: You know who I like, that never got much play? Velma, from Scooby Doo. She was a hip, hip chic. Rooby-rooby-roo!


Kaemart613 said...

HIGHLY ENJOYABLE guest blog. I mostly like the Can't Hardly Wait quote at the end. :)

"time to get freaky!"

Karina said...

The make your own pizza Lunchables are terrible. Not only do I have to put all this work into making a tiny pizza, but it's cold and the sauce smells like stinky feet. Big ups to the turkey Lunchables. Also to your office building which sells them.

Excellent guest commentary. StaS may steal this idea, giving A Little LL Goes A Long Way credit, of course.

Holly Howe said...

Anie-You can guest blog for me ANY TIME! How do you feel about "Stephanie Saturdays?" Also, the Original Lunchables are the bomb. That is all.

P.s. "That's a fragrant love scented candle bitch!"