Friday, October 24, 2008

"If you love something..."

"...let it go." (?)

Apparently, this some "great" advice someone once gave someone else. And apparently, it worked out for that person and their situation.
This person then decided to go and blab this advice to everyone they encountered that was in a similar situtation.
This advice then turned into some sort of worldwide phenomenon and now everyone in America hears it whenever they have a situation this may be the resolution to. *
(I know America is not the world but to be honest, I really dont know how they do things in France so just go with me on this)

Well here is my situation:
Someone recently told me (and by someone I mean two TMH girls that are tyring to break my heart) that leggings are not making a comeback this season, that I should already know this (you know, cause I'm so hip and trendy) and stop trying to wear them out of the house.
WHAT?! They have got to be kidding me!
How can I be forced by fashion to give up the leggings? I love the leggings!
I mean, the leggings and I have been thru a lot together and we've had a lot of great times over the last year or so.

For example, here we are on a fire truck:

And here's our first time together in a limo:

Here we are again on my birtday:

Oh and here we are running from Megan & playing dress up in a faux pirate/slut costume:

NOW, I know what you're thinking. And yes, I get that they make my legs look a bit "minnie mouse-ish". And my butt a tad "kim k". But I'm ok with that, obviously.

So you must see my dilema. I just can't picture myself "letting go" of the leggings. I mean, if Audrina can't let go of Justin can I be expected to live without my favorite cotton blend leg covers?!

And let's just say I do decide to someday adhere to this advice. What's next? Is someday going to tell me wearing a wife beater to the office with dress pants is inappropriate?*

(I wear a wife beater and dress pants to work everyday. The leggings too in the winter. Pray for me.)

So, in an effort to try and maintain my "hip & trendy" status with the fashion industry I've come up with a compromise. I will take the leggings on next week's vacation in St. Louis and begin parting ways with them upon arrival home.

BUT, if I see one fashion model or celebrity, other than LiLo, walking around in leggings this winter... they will return to my wardrobe.*

(I will consider that the "if it was meant to be, it will return" blah blah blah that comes at the end of the advice.)

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Stephanie said...

Don't forget after St. Louie if no credible celeb or fashion icon is seen in leggings it's BYE-BYE time!

I love you and it's for your own good.